ULearn 16 Final Keynote: Karen Spencer

Beyond the echo chamber: The extraordinary possibilities of a networked profession
Two amazingly remarkable wahine on stage  - Chrissie Butler and Karen Spencer

It was an absolute pleasure to end ULearn16 with our inspirational Karen Spencer, now Director of Education at NetSafe, and always part of the CORE whānau. Tēnā rawa atu koe, Karen! Thanks for challenging our thinking, providing practical strategies with current research/thinking, to ensure we align theory with practice. 

Here are my notes from the final keynote: 

Professional Learning:

Professional Learning is NOT an extra thing on the plate - it IS the plate.
 in order for us to yearn to be better tomorrow; to do better for our learners.

As Fullan asserts,  we need to talk the walk.

Is the keynote obsolete, as on a key note - we all have something to say/to achieve:
# 1 - Ultimately:
teacher beliefs about their collective ability and efficacy
Realising & Reframing VALUE

1. Sense of Urgency

Consider the student who is not involved in discussion
What do you do?
335 initiatives happening across no more than 30 schools
Doesn't mean that we shouldn't
So as we go around the PLD roundabout...
Is your:

Vision dripping off the walls?

Outcomes, System, Approaches

'My World My View' - Inclusion in Aotearoa NZ here 
Inclusion is good - look for ways to innovate

2. See the story behind the data

Filtering on in schools/homes - yet Ss exposed to...
Listen to your learners
Check out: student voices on the marae here
Treat your data like a piece of art
Data and stories together - what is really going on?

3. Embrace discomfort

Holistic diverse view to ensure you are challenged

Own echo chamber - who are you listening to?

The Ladder of Inference - own bias

Last clap - Yay - someone else plays the game!

#edchatnz Devil's Advocate protocol 


Hold your ideas lightly

Link here
HARD and Deliberate 

'Keep the fear off the set' link here

Look at the evidence and research - before you test and trial - look for the strong signals

Learning we do together - IS the plate. Who we are. It is part of our DNA.
Reflect - on your why?
Potential of our Learners:

"education doesn't change the world, education changes people, and people change the world" Paulo Freire


"Two important days - the day you were born, and the day you found out why!"  Mark Twain

  • Seek diversity - systematically
  • Ask - not assume - ways that work for people
  • Reflect their identity language communicate who needs to be with them
  • Access - closed captions
  • We need to make it work for everyone (inclusive)
  • if you are scared, you don't learn.
  • Ask our students, communities
  • Provide safe spaces for learning

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